The Cult of Aciel is a subset of the old religion worshiping the old gods which focuses its worship on Aciel, the God burner. As their god's title suggests, the Cult incorporates fire into many of its ceremonies and imagery, as they believe that Aciel makes his will known through fire. Accordingly, their sigil is a fire-breathing phoenix.

Organization Edit

The Cult is composed of both followers and official inductees.

The official inductees are divided into one of four orders: high priests, who study Aciel's teaching and interpret his will; missionaries, who recruit new followers to the cult; preachers, who make known the orders and teachings of the high priests; and inquisitors, who seek out and punish heretics and the Cult's enemies.

Its inductees are traditionally inducted into the cult ceremoniously at the age at which they are considered to become an adult in their culture (for Humans, usually 13 years). This ceremony typically consists of a gauntlet of fire, to allow Aciel to make his will known either by allowing the inductee to survive the flames or to be consumed by them. Should the inductee survive the gauntlet, he or she will then swear oaths of loyalty, piety, and chivalry to Aciel. The inductee will then be assigned an order and begin his or her training.